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Delving into Actionscript 3

15 Jul

For the last few days I’ve been playing with Actionscript 3 and so far i’m loving it. I am working on a project that requires Actionscript. Will see how it goes.

Things I like about it;

Its event driven model for programming animations and visual objects reminds me of LSL scripting in Secondlife.

Its pure OOP. As a Java hobbyist this works out very well for me. You could implement a design in Java or Actionscript 3 with almost the same syntax and structure.

I missed writing Java code when i moved to ruby. So this project makes me feel like I’m back in Java once again. This will be fun.


How I got into Rails?

26 May

Back in 2008, I needed server-side processing for the software I wrote in secondlife.

As a long time Java hobbyist, I wanted to use Java. But Java seemed to be very expensive. Hosting Java apps is more expensive than other languages. Java web apps require more powerful machines to run them. The Java web apps i was writing needed me to configure and maintain way too many XML files, which wasn’t fun at all. So I dropped Java.

My next choice was PHP. PHP seemed to be the most popular language on the web. I read a PHP tutorial, learned as fast as I could. PHP was a good choice until they gave me a huge list of frameworks to choose from, with pros and cons of each one. This is the issue I had with Java (Java had a new hot framework every month). I didn’t have the time and luxury to go through the pros and cons, to choose which framework to use. I also didn’t like that PHP wasn’t pure OOP like Java.

Then I noticed Ruby on Rails. Rails had a lot of great reviews as the fastest way to build web apps. I read a one page Rails tutorial and got hooked. A small sample code showed me how to build Rails apps. The tiny code had the controller, the view and a model. It was just too easy. I already had experience with MVC using Java.

So I switched to the rails. Bought some books and started coding.

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