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Free From the Grid

19 May

After watching this video featuring Eben Moglen “Freedom in The Cloud” I got inspired to setup my own home server. This is something i’ve been thinking about since opera announced Opera Unite.

I’m tired of using amazon s3 or google docs for storing my personal documents in the cloud. Tired of using flickr just to share pictures. I don’t want to host my blog on were they may choose to display ads on it. Since facebook is now a public network, I don’t need them to host my data, I can do it myself.

Today I did what I’ve been thinking about but never really went for it. I decided to host my own cloud right here in my apartment.

All it took was my old dusty home made PC, which I haven’t used in years. I installed Ubuntu Server 10.04 on it. Enabled ssh and port forwarding via my home router to use it as a cloud file server. Installed LAMP + WordPress- hence this blog was born. Also enabled port forwarding on port 80 for apache. Then I got a free domain name from my Belkin router supports dynamic DNS. Added the domain name to my router and done. So now I have my cloud file server and website all hosted on my under my desk on a PC with no casing, and of course no monitor. This is my own personal diaspora.

Update: After I got everything working on my LAN, I tried to to open the site from Edge Network on my iphone it timed out. Great it wasnt working outside my LAN. I did some more digging and found out my ISP blocks port 80. I had to call Optimum and upgrade to their boost account, paid extra $9.95/month to get port 80 enabled.

The home computers have become very powerful, cost of bandwidth has dropped so much, we no longer need to host our personal information in remote data centers.

The job for hackers and developers is to figure out ways to make open source technologies easy to use for all computer users.

The Dispora project is one step further towards this.

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