My Tech wish list for 2011

20 Dec

These are the things I wish for the tech world in 2011:

1. Ruby continues to be an awesome language and community.

2. Github continues to rock.

3. Microsoft takes BSD source code and repackages it into a new operating System called “The OS”. MS declares “The OS” will be their new server-side platform and will port all their server apps to “The OS”, which happens to have a bash shell and a package management system called mports.

4. Apple takes iTunes to the cloud and iPhones become able to sync from the web to phone.

5. Netflix drops silverlight for flash and html5

6. Google gets a sweet deal with Media giants that turns YouTube into a Netflix competitor.



  • All these tech wishes are really awesome. Let’s hope for the best. Thanks!

    • Obi

      Yes I hope so too 🙂

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