This thing of ours, has gone mainstream

14 Nov

You know that something has really gone mainstream when it appears on a South Park Episode. This year it appears as if Trey Parker is actively reading Hacker News. Things I thought only belonged on Hacker News front page are now appearing on South Park episodes, software is really eating the world. If you doubt it, watch south Park’s current season.

South Park Season 18
Episode 1 – Go fund yourself – about startups and crowdfunding, features kickstarter
Episode 4 – Handicar – About Car sharing, and Electric Cars features Lyft, Uber, Tesla and Elon Musk
Episode 5 – The Magic Bush – About Drones and privacy
Episode 6 – Freemium isn’t Free – About Freemium and mobile apps business models.
Last night’s episode 7 – Grounded Vindaloop – About virtual reality. Features Oculus freaking Rift.

Big question, what is Trey Parker’s Hacker News handle.

South Park is the definition of mainstream, the discussions on HN that we thought the rest of the world would not care about is now the center and focus of the mainstream. Now is definitely a good time for kids to start learning programming.

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