When in doubt, do a barrel roll

04 Nov

So business guy is looking for a programmer to build his app. Here’s how the interview went.

Programmer: “I built a nosql database that uses javascript for queries. It even supports map/reduce. I also wrote a h264 decoder in javascript. I can build your twitter/google+/facebook social app.”

Business guy: “hmm I don’t think so. I’m looking for a rockstar ninja Rails and .net programmer.”

Programmer: “Ok watch this.”

Programmer opens his web browser, goes to google and types do a barrel roll.

Business guy: “Wow that is awesome!”

Programmer: “Hit refresh”

Business guy: “Wow dude, you’re HIRED!”

(Note: “do a barrel roll” works only on Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox. Try it when your pitch is failing. Good luck.)


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