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It’s just some code you can’t use

06 Jun

Whats the point of Hackathons? You sit down and code for 24 hours. Eat junk food all night, drink lots of soda and red bull. Then end up writing a lot of bad code.

At hackathons, your M.O. is to write code that appears to work, it doesn’t matter how it works. Once you get a feature appear to be working, you move on to code other features. The problem with this type of code is that it doesn’t scale. It makes you feel like you have a working product, but you really don’t. It works fine when you have 10 users but it starts to fall apart when you get to 1000+ users and becomes huge mess when you get to 10000+ users. I think this is a pointless way to build software. You write a lot of code in 24 hours but you end up with a lot of code you can’t use later. You also learn a ton of bad coding habits.

The best thing to do at a hackathon if you must go, is to socialize with people while you work on your long term side project. Its a great place to meet new people and share ideas with them but not the place start and finish something useful.

At the Techcrunch Disrupt hackathon.

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