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Obama meets Silicon Valley

18 Feb

Pic from Obama’s meeting with Silicon Valley Executives. 2.18.2011.

I see ┬áSteve Jobs (Apple), Eric Schmidt (Google), Carol Bartz (Yahoo), Larry Ellison (Oracle), John Doerr (KPCB), John Chambers (Cisco), Reed Hastings (Netflix), Dick Costolo (Twitter),┬áMark Zuckerberg (Facebook)… Where is Paul Graham?


My Tech wish list for 2011

20 Dec

These are the things I wish for the tech world in 2011:

1. Ruby continues to be an awesome language and community.

2. Github continues to rock.

3. Microsoft takes BSD source code and repackages it into a new operating System called “The OS”. MS declares “The OS” will be their new server-side platform and will port all their server apps to “The OS”, which happens to have a bash shell and a package management system called mports.

4. Apple takes iTunes to the cloud and iPhones become able to sync from the web to phone.

5. Netflix drops silverlight for flash and html5

6. Google gets a sweet deal with Media giants that turns YouTube into a Netflix competitor.


Welcome to Facebook!

23 Nov

How do you like our walled garden?
Oh, look, the gardenias are so pretty.
And the roses are so beautiful.
No, no, that door is locked for your protection.
We don’t want you to leave and hurt yourself.
Everything you could want is here.
It’s so safe and quiet inside.
Not a cloud in the sky.
And it’s so dangerous and chaotic and unruly out there.
No, you can’t shout over the wall either.
We don’t like shouting.
And there’s no one to hear, anyway.
We don’t like anyone bad mouthing us, either, without our permission.
We don’t like bad words and bad pictures, period.
That’s what we have the guards for,
to keep it quiet in here,
to monitor you, and to ensure that no one enters or leaves without being thoroughly stripped searched.
I mean, examined to prevent any terrorists from attacking us or bringing contraband into our safe little(!) world. Or to take it outside.
But who wants to go outside? We have games! We have pictures! We have chat! It’s so much fun!
What? A prison? Why would you call it a prison? You sound silly and paranoid. No one’s a prisoner, here. You’re free to leave your friends and family behind, at any time.
If you can find a way out. It’s your choice. It’s not like we own your identity, No. 6.

I found this as a comment on Techcrunch by blissfulight.


Where is the Internet?

25 Sep

Years ago, when i was much younger growing up in Nigeria. I asked my sister, who had just entered college to study computer science “Where is the Internet?” She answered “The internet is not in one place, its made up of computers around the world”. But I still couldn’t understand “why is our home computer not on the internet”.

Today, we still ask the question “where is the internet?”. Where is your data? Is it safe in the hands of Facebook and Google? Why is your home computer not on the internet?

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